Game of Ipsum

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Winter is coming, so prepare for it with our handy-dandy RESTful API!



String, required - either "json" or "html", not case sensitive.
Integer, optional - Number of paragraphs, defaults to 5.
Integer, optional - Percent of latin, defaults to 30. Acceptable values are 0-100.


returns something that looks like this:

[ "Lorem ipsum in his cups, ever vigilant sun, let it be written incididunt ut crypt slave dolore magna aliqua. Fool pride and purpose darkness, your grace tread lightly here never resting aliquip ex ea spiced wine. Duis aute tower dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit the seven old bear fugiat royal moon. Milk of the poppy arbor gold, throne in culpa qui officia deserunt mulled wine full of terrors." ]

Whereas this:

gives you something that looks like this:

<p>Lorem ipsum dolor bloody mummers, none so fierce, honeyed locusts feast mare's milk we do not sow moon-flower juice. Ut enim rouse me not, lord of light joust laboris nisi a taste of glory brother consequat. Duis aute night's watch in reprehenderit in throne ironborn as high as honor arakh spiced wine. Excepteur slave your grace suckling pig, warg m'lady ever vigilant seven hells milk of the poppy laborum.</p>